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de 0031622414242 06.08.2021, 08:39

Hola, my name is Janneke, 51 one years old and I stay in a house in
Santa Gertrudis. yesterday something went wrong with my neck and now
it hurts terribly when I'm moving. I was wandering if you might have
some time available for me today? I keep my fingers crossed.
Have a good day!!! Janneke

de Tommy Garcia 29.06.2021, 08:17

Buenos dias,

I contact you for an emergency.
I work on a yacht, and we are in Ibiza only one day.
We will arrive today late afternoon and leave tomorrow morning at 10.

I m 37 year old, health person, but I had some injuries before, for
from time to time my body need adjustment, and I hope you will be able
to help me !

I have 2 pains at the moment, one in the right shoulder (cannot really
lift up my arm without pain), and my back, as I had to pull some ropes
2 days ago and it wasn’t t a smart idea…

The point here is the time, as today I might be available from 20.30,
and tomorrow I need to be back onboard at 9.30 / 10 maximum…

I know that this is a bit out of your opening times, but I really need
help, and I m willing to pay extra for the extra hours.

Thank you very much. Muchas gracias.